Why does the Challenger keep outselling faster, cheaper muscle cars?

The Dodge Challenger is like country music: it’s not MY favorite, but I totally understand (and respect) why so many people love it.

If the Mustang and Camaro are both faster and cheaper, why does the Dodge Challenger keep outselling them (sometimes 2:1)?

Well, I finally got the chance to investigate when Dodge graciously (and rather bravely) offered a 485-horsepower Challenger for public test drives at a recent event. To my surprise, the young Stellantis rep commanded me to punch it on a straight to feel the true grunt of the hemi V8.

That’s when I realized that muscle cars are like genres of music: one isn’t really the “best” – it all just comes down to which one elicits the strongest emotional reaction.

– Chris Butsch, Contributor