Dear Toyota: I’m begging you, please build this car

The Toyota Supra “Sport Top” could go down as one of the greatest budget exotics of all time. So why did Toyota only make one of them? (Photo: Toyota)

I reviewed the new Supra a while back and found it to be equal parts intoxicating and intolerable. Sure, it floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee – but it also felt cramped, only came in automatic and the infamous “wind buffeting” issue made it unbearable to drive windows down.

Amazingly, Toyota’s “Sport Top” one-off from SEMA last year solves every issue with the Mk5. By adding a spoiler, sunshine and a six-speed transmission, Toyota has made what could be the last great exotic car of the internal combustion age.

But why only one? Please, Toyota – take my money.

Chris Butsch, Contributor