Live long enough, the pendulum swings back

Galileo was the first to study the pendulum’s paths. While sick in bed, 17th century Dutch inventor Christiaan Huygens applied it to clocks. When America’s founders applied it to political governance, they nearly perfected it. (Photo credit: Creative commons stock photos,

I was a devoted sports fan when I was teenager. If my teams lost – and they often did – I’d feel sad for days. Later I questioned my choices, but remained loyal to my school and hometown teams. After decades of devotion, some became champions, others may never. 

Things went differently with American politics. I chose one team and they only had one rival. The wins came often enough, but the losses seem to injure more deeply.

And then I realized American voters provide gravity, inexorably pulling the pendulum back towards center. Our founders were genius. I thank God for it.

Chris Schroder, The 100 Companies