My best hair day ever was in 7th grade

In this second excerpt from the new humorous memoir, “Headscape: How A Bald Guy Replanted His Hair And Restarted His Life,” author Chris Schroder reveals the first sign of the great receding.

My best hair day ever was in seventh grade when the yearbook photographer took class officer photos. My hair looked near-perfect that day – full, clinging smartly across my head with a slight curl down across my forehead.

Back then, I thought I’d have that head of hair all my life, even if it one day turned gray. I was proud of my hair, thinking it was one of my most appealing attributes.

A year later, when the annual published our eighth-grade photos, I’d begun nurturing a creeping widow’s peak. My destiny was writ atop my forehead for all to see.

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Chris Schroder, The 100 Companies