Have you tried Turo, the Airbnb for cars?

The terrific Lexus UX I rented on Turo last week cost about the same as a tepid mid-sized sedan from Hertz or Enterprise. (Image courtesy of the author)

In 2014, after years of renting boring beige sedans from Enterprise, I finally decided to try Turo. After spending a week in a yellow Porsche Boxster for just $60 per day, I never looked back.

Turo allows you to rent other people’s interesting cars for less than you would pay at the airport rental site. I’ve rented pickup trucks for moves, Priuses for road trips and a Mustang convertible for touring Honolulu.

The platform also has high quality standards and superb customer service – I recently had a host cancel last minute, so Turo upgraded me to an Audi for free.

– Chris Butsch, Contributor