Somebody made a smart car ‘supercar’ and boy, do I want one

Can you get a DUI for laughing hysterically? (Photo courtesy of

Back in 2020, BRABUS – the tuning company famous for selling 800-horsepower Mercedes to billionaires – took a poor, defenseless smart car and created this: the Ultimate E Facelift.

Presumably, they chained it to a wall and fed it nothing but Red Bull, steroids and Formula 1 highlights until it broke free. Now foaming at the mouth, the Ultimate E does 0-60 in a “mere” 10.9 seconds and features a wider stance and stickier tires for “especially agile and safe handling.” And yes, BRABUS unironically calls it a “supercar.”

For just $54,000, I’d take this Ferrari-fighting chihuahua over an M3 any day.

– Chris Butsch, Contributor