Podcast: The power of mission – navigating change and AI in legacy organizations

Barb Jones of CLSI on AI: “But we’re fools if we turn our back on it, right? Anyone that’s embracing it has got a leg up.” (Image courtesy of studioroman)

Discover the art of managing change and the rising impact of AI on standards in our latest episode featuring Barb Jones, CEO, Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute.

Jones, who leads an organization with a rich history spanning five decades, sheds light on the seamless navigation of change when rooted in a strong mission: “It’s the biggest tool you have. It’s sitting right there. And if you’re not utilizing everybody’s connection to your mission, you’re wasting your greatest tool.”

Tune in for a deep dive into AI’s potential, change management and the challenges of bringing in new voices to your association.

– Meghan Henning, OnWrd & UpWrd, The Association 100