Imperfections need not mean the death of effective leadership

It can be easy to lose sight of the fact that today’s most influential leaders are also human – a fact upon which I’m a big fan of shedding more light. After all, taking our perceived weaknesses and turning them into strengths might be the greatest superpower of all. (Image courtesy of Mike Bird for Pexels)

I often joke that “Lost in Translation” is gonna be on my tombstone – a fitting epitaph, I’ve decided, for someone equally fueled by imagination and innovation.

As a highly creative human, I often find myself bursting with a million ideas – All. At. Once.

From time to time, things CAN get lost in translation amidst the enthusiasm (something my wife and daughter remind me of, often), which presents fertile ground for self-reflection.

Embracing all of my qualities ultimately allows me to see myself more clearly and also allows for continual growth and evolution – a true win-win.

What would your epitaph be?

– Jeff ArnoldRIGHTSURE, The Arizona 100