Mazda Wants To Become A Luxury Brand – And I Think They Can Do It

Could Mazda’s stunning RX Vision Coupe Concept make a real-world debut soon as a luxury EV? I for one think it should, and that the next James Bond should drive it.

Last month, Mazda revealed their aspirations to move upmarket and be considered a “credible alternative” to non-German luxury brands (read: Lexus).

I think they can do it. Because anyone who’s driven a Mazda since 2015 knows that they offer 80% of a luxury car experience for 50% of the price. Materials, ergonomics and styling are all top-notch – and Mazda already outranks everyone in reliability.

If you ask me, all that’s left is for Mazda to refine their powertrains. They’ve historically been a pinch underpowered, paired with aging single-clutch transmissions. But the company’s exciting transition to PHEVs circumvents that problem entirely.

Chris Butsch, Contributor