Cybersecurity tips for remote workers

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The team of highly trained engineers and consultants at Alias Infosec work to ensure businesses and employees are safe.

Cyberattacks can have severe impacts on businesses and employees, including the loss of data, money, important documents and classified information. Alias Infosec, a cybersecurity and digital forensics company, recommends these tips to stay secure when working remotely:

• Use company-issued devices that are equipped with firewall and antivirus software and refrain from using public computers.

• Routinely update software on all devices.

• Connect to a virtual private network (VPN) to securely send sensitive data.

• Set up two-factor authentication.

• Connect to secure Wi-Fi.

• Use strong passwords and update them often.

If you’re victim of a cyberattack, contact Alias Infosec to investigate the incident quickly.

Jack Phillips, Jones PR, The Oklahoma 100