The tragedy and rebirth of Fisker Automotive

The endearing, mustachioed Fisker Karma featured a solar roof and an “eco-friendly” interior made from salvaged lumber and vegan leather. (Photo courtesy of Bring a Trailer)

Back in 2005, Henrik Fisker – legendary designer of the Aston Martin DB9 and BMW Z8 – struck out to build his own “fully sustainable” hybrid sports car.

Things started off well, with Fisker luring investors like Leonardo DiCaprio and winning a lawsuit brought by Tesla. But just before launching the Karma in 2012, Fisker lost his CEO, his battery supplier went bankrupt and Hurricane Sandy wiped out 338 brand new Karmas in Port Newark.

Not one to stay down, Fisker sold the Karma trademark in 2014 and plans to launch a fully electric super SUV, called the Fisker Ocean, in late 2023.

Chris Butsch, Contributor