The bare minimum Mondays trend … a burnout buster or career ender?

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According to, the average employee is productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes a day. (Photo courtesy of BigStockPhoto)

We’ve all felt it. The Sunday scaries … the anxiety you feel the day before going back to work. Enter “bare minimum Mondays,” a phrase coined by TikTok creator Marisa Jo. The idea: you ease into the week by prioritizing tasks that must be completed, giving you time to exit weekend mode.

“Giving myself actual permission to just do the least amount of work possible that day was extremely liberating, because I’d been conditioned to believe that my work is directly tied to my productivity and output,” shares Jo.

Psychologists warn not to let this lead to “bare minimum every days.”

– Vikki Locke, C2 Communications, The SWFL 100