Sales of manual transmission cars are surging. Why?

After four model years of automatic-only Supras, Toyota saw the writing on the wall and finally gave us a three-pedal option in 2023. Since then, half of all Supras sold have been manual. (Image courtesy of Automotive Rhythms via flickr)

Not long ago, you could find countless articles lamenting the slow-but-inevitable demise of the manual transmission. But according to J.D. Power, sales have nearly doubled since 2021. Why?

As you might’ve guessed, Gen Z came through in the “clutch.” And the more you think about it, their love affair with a third pedal makes sense; manuals are fun, cheap, counterculture and can’t be taken away from them via software updates. In a way, it’s their equivalent of Gen Y’s penchant for record players.

Plus, as single-gear EVs start dominating the market, the appeal of rowing your own mechanical gears intensifies.

Chris Butsch, The Arizona 100