My top 3 car-related YouTube channels

Each lovable host of the Donut Media channel has a distinct, engaging personality. Give them all a shot.

Having watched automotive YouTube channels since Doug Demuro was still at Porsche, I’ve become a bit of a coinnoisseur. Here are my “top shelf” picks:

• Savagegeese aren’t afraid to ruffle some feathers with brutally honest car reviews.

•  Donut Media are a group of young enthusiasts with a fierce, endearing love for cars. They cover everything from F1 scandals to swapping coilovers, and even inspired me to rebuild my Miata.

•  Hoovies Garage follows a humble car collector/masochist as he buys unreliable exotic cars and desperately tries to keep them running. As you can imagine, the pre-purchase inspections are the best episodes.

Chris Butsch, Contributor