The 100 Companies launches innovative job board, reaching beyond traditional job seekers

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The Business 100 job board helps get your position in front of candidates that might not be actively looking for a job, but are perfect for your company

Atlanta, GA – April 1, 2024 –The 100 Companies announces the launch of its groundbreaking job board platform, specifically designed to connect businesses with highly qualified talent. This innovative platform caters not only to active job seekers, but also to passive candidates who might not be actively searching for a new position but could be the perfect fit for your company.

Targeted distribution:

Leveraging its extensive network of 300+ websites frequented by corporate executives and management professionals, The 100 Companies strategically distributes your job postings, maximizing their visibility among your ideal candidate pool.

Enhanced exposure:

Job listings receive prime placement in the sidebar of the homepage as well as the dedicated listings page on both your state and closest city’s websites, ensuring maximum reach and visibility within your target market. For additional reach, the listings can be placed in The 100 Companies’ two dozen newsletters, sent to millions of readers.

Attract top talent:

Companies seeking to recruit for multiple positions and accelerate their growth can benefit from becoming a market sponsor. This exclusive program offers several advantages:

Brand building: Professionally written 100-word articles published on local websites and/or newsletters highlight your company’s unique attributes and employee benefits, continually attracting top talent and building a strong employer brand.

Prominent visibility: Throughout the website and newsletter (if applicable), your company’s logo will be prominently displayed, reinforcing brand recognition among potential candidates.

The 100 Companies is committed to bridging the gap between businesses and exceptional talent. This innovative job board empowers companies to reach a broader range of potential employees, while providing qualified individuals with access to exciting career opportunities.

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Contact: Chris Schroder, Founder & CEO,