Humorous hair-raising memoir gets second printing

Many readers of the first printing of Headscape booked their own trips to Istanbul for hair-transplant surgery. (Image courtesy Schroder Media)

Chris Schroder’s humorous memoir, “Headscape,” wanders from his first haircut to losing hair during his first marriage, a half dozen jobs, being a doppelganger for James Taylor and SNL’s The Coneheads.

With encouragement from his wife, Schroder flies to Istanbul, Turkey, with his brother and barber for hair transplant surgery. Returning home, he encounters hilarious responses from friends, family, and colleagues about his new hairy self.

“A charmingly funny and vulnerable memoir … a well-told story filled with self-deprecating humor and insight into how our physical attributes shape our identity and self-worth,” wrote Atlanta Journal-Constitution book critic, Suzanne Van Atten.

“Headscape: How a bald guy replanted his hair and restarted his life” is available here on For more info:

– Kate Mendoza, The 100 Companies