How you use your computer mouse says a lot about your stress levels

According to Jasmine Kerr, coauthor of the study, “Increased levels of stress negatively impact our brain’s ability to process information. This also affects our motor skills.” (Photo: BigStockPhoto)

If you suspect your employees are feeling stress at the office, watch the way they move their computer mouse. It seems those who are anxious move their pointer a lot and make more mistakes than those less stressed.

In Switzerland, one in three workers suffers from workplace stress and most don’t even know it. This makes it important to identify work-related stress early. Researchers at ETH Zurich came up with a model to test stress levels.

Mara Nagelin explains, “We were surprised that typing and mouse behavior was a better predictor of how stressed subjects felt better than heart rate.”

– Vikki Locke,  C2 CommunicationsThe SWFL 100