Goodbye quiet quitting … Hello quiet hiring

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Hiring usually falls into one of three categories: backfilling old roles, creating new ones to help the company grow or addressing an acute, immediate need. Quiet hiring is all about that third category, even if it doesn’t technically involve any new hiring at all. 

Have you heard about quiet hiring? If not, you will soon.

Quiet hiring is expected to change hiring practices in 2023. It’s when a company moves its existing workforce around to fill other positions.

Workplace expert Emily Rose McRae says, “The reality for the next year is – whether or not we go into a recession – everyone’s a little bit nervous. In a lot of cases, organizations aren’t necessarily doing a hiring freeze, or layoffs, but maybe slowing down a bit on their hiring.”

Quiet hiring is all about prioritizing the most crucial business functions and mixing up the roles of employees.

– Vikki Locke, C2 Communications, The Southwest Florida 100