Fell off your New Year’s Resolutions? Try #The100DayProject


Be sure to follow the hashtag #The100DayProject on Instagram and stay inspired. What will you be creating? Photo courtesy of The Great Discontent.

Got 100 days to unleash your inner creator? Then join the 100 Day Project! Just choose a creative project – paint, draw, dance, write, knit, sing, doodle – whatever inspires you. Do this every day for 100 days and share your process online.

• Keep it short and simple, 5 – 10 minutes/day

• Keep tools accessible and inexpensive

• It’s okay to miss a day or change projects

The 8th Annual 100 Day Project started on Jan. 31, but you can start your own #The100DayProject any day. Reach out to friends to join you with your own start date.

Need ideas or clarification? See FAQ.

–  Krista Townsend, The Oklahoma 100