Are companies speaking out too much on social issues?

“[Lululemon] hate[s] somebody; they hate the poor.” — Chris Rock

“I walk by Lululemon … and there’s a sign that says we don’t support racism, sexism, discrimination, or hate. And I’m like, who gives a f***, you’re just selling yoga pants. I don’t need your yoga pants politics,” Chris Rock rants in his recent Netflix special.The comedian’s take’s in line with a 2023 Stagwell Global survey that found that:

• 38 percent thought that American companies speak out too much on social issues (+6 points from 7/2022).

• 68 percent said they thought that when companies voice their opinion on a social issue it’s a marketing ploy (+12 points).

Read the full survey here.

– Eve Lederman, The 100 Companies, The PR Power Poll 100